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We Put Your Needs First

Everyone’s needs are different — there is no single solution that works for everyone. We don’t play favorites with carriers and we don’t get paid any differently by suggesting one carrier over another.

Personalized Service

Each client has a specific budget and specific needs. Understanding this helps us narrow down the options so we can present the plans that are tailored to meet your specifications.

Honest Assessments

There are literally over 100 health plans to choose from, each with different costs and benefits, coverages, and limitations. Since all we do is work with health care plans, we understand the differences between the available options and can quickly assess the plans that will best meet your needs.


As specialists in health insurance, it is extremely important to us that you understand the plan that you’ve chosen and are satisfied with any plan we recommend. For this reason, we take the time to explain and clarify the details of your plan. The last thing that we want is for a lack of understanding to affect you negatively.

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